Fast, Affordable Roofing Repairs in Dorking & Reigate

Suffering from a roofing problem in Dorking, Reigate or anywhere else in the Surrey area? Call Laser Roofing and we’ll send you a friendly, qualified and experienced professional roofer to assess the situation and carry out any required roofing repairs. We take emergency callouts, so whatever the time and however serious the situation – don’t hesitate to contact us. Our prices are highly competitive; we believe it needn’t cost the world to amend damaged pitched and flat roofs.


Below, we’ve listed some of the most common roofing problems that we fix around Dorking, Reigate and Surrey.  But if you’re suffering from an issue not detailed below, don’t worry! We offer all types of roofing repairs and regularly fix rare, niche problems in addition to the repeat offenders mentioned on this page.

Common Roofing Repairs


Leaking Roofs – Both pitched and flat roofs can suffer from leaks, sometimes due to structural damage or extreme weather conditions, or because of the effects of moisture build-up over an extended period of time. When attending a call-out in the Dorking, Reigate or wider Surrey area, a Laser roofer will first take time to find the location of the leak, and assess the root cause. It may be that a missing tile has allowed moisture to penetrate roofing materials and eventually caused a minor leak, or that damaged flashing has meant your roof is no longer water-tight.


Then we’ll explain to you the roof repairs you’ll require and issue you a free quote. Often leaking flat roofs just need to be patched up or re-sealed. Common roofing repairs for leaking pitched roofs include replacing compromised roofing material and tiles, or mending flashing to ensure your home is protected against the elements.


Damaged & Missing Tiles – Perhaps the most common form of roofing repairs is the replacement of damaged and missing tiles, which often blow off Dorking and Reigate roofs in heavy winds and storms. As your trusted local roofer, we can find tiles that match your property so its aesthetic consistency is maintained, then securely reattach them to not only safeguard you against leaks – but to preserve your property’s curb appeal.


Blistering & Shrinkage – The fluctuation of temperatures can cause improperly installed flat roofs to suffer from blistering, which is very easily identifiable by the presence of unsightly air bubbles under the top layer. It can also cause roofs to shrink and develop cracks in the membrane. While these can sometimes just be an aesthetic problem for Dorking and Reigate homeowners who want their property to look its very best, its worth investing in roofing repairs to fix it before it leads to more serious problems.


Faulty Flashing – The chief purpose of flashing is to prevent water from sneaking through vulnerable areas and into the inside of pitched / flat roofs. Many Dorking, Reigate and Surrey homeowners notice that their flashing is missing or damaged during a visual inspection, or because they’re suffering from damp or a roof leak. Sometimes flashing has deteriorated over an extended period of time, and other times the fault can be put down to a roofer doing an amateur or rushed job during the installation. Laser Roofing can carry out roofing repairs and replace any faulty/missing flashing to ensure your home won’t spring a leak when heavy rain hits.


Structural Damage – While Dorking, Reigate and Surrey rarely experience extreme wind and rain, British weather is temperamental at the best of times. We’ve all at some point turned on the news and heard talk of a storm passing by the coast, and seen the damage it’s caused countless properties. If your roof experiences structural damage due to a fallen tree, errant branch or for any other reason – we can send out a roofer to carry out essential roofing repairs and rebuild any areas that are beyond saving.


Rotted & Warped Roof Lining – The underside of pitched roofs is known as roof lining, and is made up of two distinct elements – fascias and soffits. While many modern properties around Dorking, Reigate and Surrey now feature uPVC fascias and soffits which are impervious to rotting and warping, many also have timber ones which are subject to these nuisances. A major side effect of both maladies is that they can compromise your roof and allow moisture and damp in. A Laser roofer can repair or replace timber roof lining with uPVC products that will prevent such eventualities reoccurring in the future.


Collapsed Gutters – Another issue that effects both pitched and flat roofs. If your gutter has completely collapsed or is hanging on by a thread, call in the Laser Roofing team. We can reattach it and replace any segments which can’t be salvaged. We’ll also be able to identify the cause for the collapse, and make essential roofing repairs to ensure the issue won’t reoccur.


For fast, affordable roofing repairs in the Dorking, Reigate and Surrey areas, contact Laser Roofing on 01306 240 104. We can have a roofer out to your property in no time at all.

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