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Laser Roofing proudly serves as Reigate’s trusted, local roofer. Our broad range of services takes in all aspects of roofing repairs, and we also build brand, high performance flat roofs from scratch. On this page, we’ve taken a look at a few of the reasons why flat roofs are such a popular solution in this day and age. Should you be based in or around the Reigate area and decide that you’d like one for your extension, garage or outbuilding – don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01306 240 104.

3 Reasons to Invest in Flat Roofs


Cost – Flat roofs are significantly cheaper to have built than pitched ones, even when you choose a highly experienced and qualified roofer (like our near Reigate). This is because both the materials used are less expensive, and labour costs are lower because they take less time for a roofer to build. Don’t be fooled by their low cost, however, flat roofs can last a very long time not needing roofing repairs, making them a wise long-term investment and not just a way of waving money in the short term.  For a free quote, contact us at your earliest convenience.


Design – Flat roofs are ideal for smaller structures like extensions and garages which need to be integrated within your existing property. Their minimal, utilitarian aesthetic ensures you can retain a consistent, modern look to your Reigate home and not have a pitched roof “tacked on” to the side of your property. Plus, they help you maximise use of space as pitched gradients aren’t taking up valuable room. Finally, not having rows upon rows of tiles also means you won’t have to deal with one of the most common roofing repairs out there – replacing tiles that have blown off your roof.


Material Choices – Flat roofs can be built out a range of different materials. As Reigate’s local roofer, we specialise in hot felt flat roofs and EPDM rubber flat roofs. The latter is slightly more expensive, but has the potential to last a little while longer. Ultimately, each option is an affordable, long-term, weatherproof roofing solution and which you choose will likely fall down to which you prefer the look of. To see examples of our flat roofs, please navigate to our Gallery page.


Searching for a trustworthy, qualified roofer operating in the Reigate area? Call Laser Roofing on 01306 240 104. We specialise in roofing repairs and building new flat roofs.

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